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Fraud Email Samples ..

The following are examples of fraud that we\'ve identified. We\'ve categorized the scams by their subject matter and content. This page will be updated frequently. Please visit this page often to learn about the latest alerts.

IRS Scam

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)has issued a warning about an email scam that looks like official communications from the IRS. The email scam notifies individuals of an impending audit or an offer to access a refund. The fake message includes links to Web pages that use graphics from the IRS and an official copyright notice. The IRS does not communicate with taxpayers via email. If the IRS needs to contact you, it will do so by mail or phone.

Million Dollar Sweepstakes

Official notices from the World Lottery Association asserting you\'ve won a million dollar sweepstakes are fraudulent. The scam states that funds have been deposited with SunTrust Financial, Inc. (a fictitious company) and includes a check for $3,999 to \"assist in legal and administration fees.\" The fake letter asks you to keep your winnings from the public until the claim can be processed. SunTrust is not a part of the scam and the included check is fake and cannot be cashed.

International ATM Alert

SunTrust, and other financial institutions, have observed an unprecedented level of fraudulent transactions occurring at ATMs outside the US. In order to protect SunTrust cardholders traveling outside the US, it has been necessary to temporarily restrict the ATM spending limits in specific areas outside the US. We have made an effort to exclude SunTrust clients with non-US addresses from these changes. While there are only a few areas restricted at this time, additional areas may be added at any time as new areas with concentrated fraud are identified. Due to the changing nature of this situation, no listing of restricted areas or of the value of the restricted limits will be provided.

Protecting Your Computer and Online accounts

Protect your computer like you protect your checkbook. The following tips will help you protect your computer and your online accounts:

  • Be cognizant of your surroundings when using a public computer or working on a wireless network.

  • Keep your online accounts active such as Online Banking with Bill Pay to watch for any suspicious transactions.

  • Help protect your computer and your accounts by installing anti-spyware on your computer. Anti-spyware can help prevent the collection of your personal and account information without your knowledge.

  • Update your antivirus software regularly to help protect your computer against viruses and other harmful computer codes.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest online security concerns such as viruses, keyloggers, and trojan horses. These destructive software programs can often appear to be authentic, but can result in damage to your computer.

Suspicious Activity/Account at Risk

Some clients have received emails that convey a sense of urgency and warn them that their accounts are at risk. For example, they notify clients that ChannelKarachi suspects fraudulent activities or charges on their accounts. The fraudulent emails often include the name of a fictitious business and dollar amounts of the \"suspected\" charges and ask clients to respond to the emails to resolve the issue.

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